dance video by Mikko Kallinen


co-Rotation2 is is my first video-collaboration with Mikko Kallinen. After making music for three of Mikko Kallinen's stage choreographies (Cyb:orgic Sapiens, Inside Outer Space Outside Inner Space and Light Life), Mikko invited me to make music forthis dance video. It was preniered in 2006 and has since been showed both in Finland and internationally (including the Espoo Museum of Modern Art in 2010).

The theme and the structure of ‘co-Rotation2’ are derived from various aspects of rotation. The original stage choreography has been recreated for video in close co-ordination with a moving camera. The dancer and the cinematographer – the second dancer – are striving for rhythmic coherence in their dialogue. The dancer’s movements explore the universality of the body’s rotational potential. The quality of movement reaches for the athletic, with a lot of limb-directed movements with some similarities to early futuristic art.